Film Analysis: Thor The Dark World


This is the 7th movie in my marvel marathon. Thor returns to earth after fixing the damages that the war has caused because he cannot see or find his love. He then finds that his love possessed a power that is unearthly and powerful…

Film Analysis

Film Title
Thor The Dark World
Year 2013
Alan Taylor
Genre Action/Adventure/Fantasy
If you could work on this film (change it), what would you change and why? I would add some nice rock songs into the soundtrack because I think it would make this movie more of a banger


1. Who is the protagonist? Thor
2. Who is the antagonist? The Dark Elves
3. What is the conflict? The Dark Elves want to take over asgard
4. What is the theme or central, unifying concept? (summarize in one or two words) Dont snoop around in places you shouldn’t
5. How is the story told (linear, non-linear, with flashbacksflash-forwards, at regular intervals) Linear
6. What “happens” in the plot (Brief description)? The dark elves are awakened by jane foster obtaining a powerful substance that thor now needs to cure and solve
7. How does the film influence particular reactions on the part of viewers (sound, editing,
characterization, camera movement, etc.)? Why does the film encourage such
Loki is forgiven and makes ammends with thor, which should be a huge shocker for the audience this far into the mcu
8. Is the setting realistic or stylized? What atmosphere does the setting suggest? Do particular objects or settings serve symbolic functions? Stylized, everything in this movie will never happen and if it did none of us would know because there was no big world event going on in earth
9. How are the characters costumed and made-up? What does their clothing or makeup reveal about their social standing, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or age? How do costume and makeup convey character? Asgardians are in asgardian armor and the dark elves are wearing tight black leather outfits
10. How does the lighting design shape our perception of character, space, or mood? very dark lighting to match the harsh situations
11. How do camera angles and camera movements shape our view of characters or spaces? What do you see cinematically? wider shots to show action
12. What is the music’s purpose in the film? How does it direct our attention within the image? How does it shape our interpretation of the image? What stands out about the music? generic music and it doesn’t really benefit or worsen the film
13. How might industrial, social, and economic factors have influenced the film? Describe how this film influences or connects to a culture? doesn’t really connect to a certain culture because it’s hardly in earth
14. Give an example of what a film critic had to say about this film. Use credible sources and cite sources.Example: “The Shawshank Redemption Movie Review (1994) | Roger Ebert.” All Content. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 June 2015. “Thor: The Dark World offers the kind of straightforward action/adventure yarn that adherents of the genre will appreciate.”-James Berardinelli|reelviews November 8, 2013
15. Select one scene no longer than 5 minutes that represents well the whole film and shows relevant cinematic elements. Write a one-sentence description of the scene and record the time of the scene.Example: from 1:05:00 to 1:10:00.

Explain why you chose this scene.


This is when thor returns to Jane after 3 years

16. In the selected scenewrite a sentence for each of the elements below to justify why this scene best represents the film:
a. Screenwriting: Jane is mad at thor for not coming back and it’s so funny how he doesn’t understand earths social concepts
b. Sound Design: the bifrost has a sound but it’s just loud power noises
c. Camera Movements/Angles: closer angles to show the conflict Jane has with thor
d. Light Setup: Natural lighting
e. Soundtrack/Score: no music
18. What’s the socio-cultural context of this film? There is none, Its barely even in earth

This worksheet was developed with ideas from many IB Film teachers, thus should remain in the Creative Commons

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